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Professional. Honest. Competitive.

Vital Drilling Services offers a wide range of drilling services to exploration clients across Canada. We offer both conventional and hydraulic drills, specialized in helicopter supported projects as well as land projects with difficult terrain. We believe in promoting ourselves through our core values; being professional, being honest and staying competitive.

All of our jobs are equipped with highly experienced crews to provide our clients maximum efficiency and service.

We bench mark our progress.  Each week you will see our improvement measured against a variety of important performance indicators.  The drillers are some of the best in the business and we have a great relationship with our crew.  Vital drilling offers a higher class product in order to provide the client with less down time, lower overhead costs, and lower job support costs per meter.  We will perform a job with all cost included because we know we are the best so give us all the risk.  It’s an easy bet when you know your crew, what they can do, what they have done and what they will do for your company.

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Vital Drilling Services
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